A New Way of Looking at Human Behavior

Robert Ornstein


This reprint of Robert Ornstein's classic presents a startling new concept of how the human mind works—a readable and accessible introduction to the new science of the mind, where different parts of the mind are thought to come to the fore to handle different situations. This means that "we" are not the same person from moment to moment and have different memories and abilities in different situations.

The book has a wonderful new cover from the drawings of Ted Dewan.

"If there is one book to read on the nature of the human mind, this is it!" —Paul Ehrlich

"Bob Ornstein's tour de cortex is smashing—battering barriers between domains of knowledge that have traditionally been isolated because they have been viewed by scholars as unrelated. But in this far-ranging journey nothing of mind is alien to the intrepid adventurer seeking similarities, continuities, and universals of human experience. You will find yourself in the fast lane of a mobius strip whizzing past and then side-by-side with internal and external reality, evolution and suicide, TWITS and CREEPS..." —Philip Zimbardo

ISBN 978-1-883536-29-9, Paperback (206 pages) $20.86 & Kindle $7.99

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