How the Mind Creates its Own Virtual Reality

Robert Ornstein & Ted Dewan


This is a book that shows, in simple detail, one of the most startling findings of modern science: We don’t experience the world as it is, but as virtual reality. And while much of the latest scientific work demonstrates this, as do many of the classical psychological illusions, it is an important meeting point for students of the mind, brain, philosophy and religion because, as we can now see in light of this book, all these disciplines begin at the same place.

This is not an abstruse treatise, but part graphic novel and part direct address. It allows the reader a breakthrough understanding of the mind which is not available anywhere else. It is, in part, a summa of Dr. Ornstein’s research and writing of the past 35 years (with pieces and references to many of his works) as well as a seminal introduction to new readers.

The mind is nothing like what you’ve been taught to believe. There are many different access routes into it, and understanding its overall simplifications and policies can make you operate better and more effectively manage yourself and your own thought processes, as well as manage other people. —From MindReal

" excellent read for people who have read Ornstein...for those who haven’t, an excellent introduction to his work." —Charles Swencionis, Ph.D., Director of Ph.D. program in Clinical Health Psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology and Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

ISBN 978-1-933779-79-9, Paperback (174 pages) $14.99

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