International Migration, Mexico, and the United States

Paul R. Ehrlich, Loy Bilderback and Anne H. Ehrlich



Our most potentially disastrous national problem, along with the danger of nuclear war and threats to the environment, is the pressing catastrophe of massive illegal immigration. The 2,000-mile United States-Mexican border is the only place in the world where a wealthy, heavily industrialized stable country is confronted directly by a struggling, preindustrial nation. United States prosperity relies on a stable population, and Mexico, with her burgeoning population, increasing poverty, and massive unemployment, is threatening the traditional U.S. lifestyle. Stereotyped thinking, based on racism or fear, will not solve these problems. The Golden Door is a sensitive exploration of a difficult situation, and this edition includes material on the Cuban, Salvadoran, and Haitian migration to the United States.

"The kind of exciting sock-'em history that you rarely luck into...The Golden Door is a first-rate excitingly scary book that sizes up a mammoth problem...that lets conscience give self-interest several hefty kicks." —Robert Sherrill, The New York Times Book Review

"Tough minded, intellectually honest and gracefully written, The Golden Door is a most timely and important book." The Dallas Morning News

"The Ehrlichs' book is the best contribution yet to a national understanding of the Mexican-U.S. problems with population and immigration policy. It should be read by every member of Congress." —Rep. Paul N. McCloskey, Jr.

"This book sheds much needed light on one of the most complex social and political issues facing the country." —Lester Brown, president, Earth Policy Institute

"Well researched and forcefully presented, the survey exposes a potentially dangerous crisis." Publishers Weekly

"This work will be a welcome resource in the growing debate over the formulation of a new immigration policy. As such it is essential for both general and academic libraries." Library Journal

Paul R. Ehrlich is a celebrated population scientist and author of The Population Explosion, One With Nineveh (with Anne H. Ehrlich), Human Natures, and New World New Mind (with Robert Ornstein) and is president of the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University. Loy Bilderback was a social scientist at California State University in Fresno and an expert on population problems. Anne H. Ehrlich currently serves on the boards of the Pacific Institute for Studies in Environment, Development, and Security and the New-Land Foundation and is the policy coordinator for the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford.

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